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24th Jul 2023

Pitching your Brand: Unfiltered Conversations with Ali Kaplan | Episode #003

Welcome to the "World's Okayest Entrepreneur," the podcast for the okay entrepreneur who doesn't have an MBA and is figuring it all out.

Today's episode features our first expert guest, Ali Kaplan, Vice President of Content for MSP Communications' Cities Media Group. Ali also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Twin Cities Business magazine.

With an entrepreneurial approach to journalism, Ali has achieved remarkable milestones, including creating StartMN, a print magazine and digital hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. She's also the host of the podcast "By All Means," exploring business leadership and innovation.

Ali's diverse background includes being a senior editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine, where she penned an award-winning retail column, and co-founding "Mother Of," an online resource for mothers of the bride or groom.

As an authority on retail, trend, and consumer experience, Ali's writing has been featured in various publications, such as Lucky, Delta Sky Magazine, and The St. Paul Pioneer Press. She's a regular on-air expert for television and radio and hosts the weekly radio show "Shop Girls" on myTalk107.1.

In today's episode, Ali shares her experiences, including working with her mom on "Shop Girls," her brand's feature in the New York Times, and invaluable tips on getting your brand into the media. This packed episode is filled with insights you won't want to miss! Tune in now.

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